BCP – The Clinic of Knowledge

About This Project

The Client

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) is Peru’s oldest and largest bank. It was founded in 1889 by a group of Italian businessmen. Today it also operates branches in New York and Nassau and has a subsidiary operating in Bolivia. In January 2013 BCP became the first Peruvian bank to sign up to the Equator Principles, and is profiled as part of BankTrack’s Equator Principles Track and Chase Project. In December 2016 BCP controlled assets worth USD 38.3 billion.

The Challenge

The DSYO department was tested every year as part of their training, and the Human Resources department wanted to make the experience more fun and motivating. In this spirit, we proposed a series of actions to engage the employees and increase their test scores.

The Solution

I created “Ignoratus Paralitus”, a virus with a made up latin name that translates into “Ignorance that Paralyzes”; and “The Clinic of Knowledge” the made up institution that was going to provide the tools to fight the virus. We told employees, through our communication campaign, that this virus had infected everyone. The only way to defeat it was with knowledge.

In an effort to involve the higher management in the campaign, so that the employees would feel supported, we dressed them as doctors, and invited them to go through their staff cubicles to give them the “antidote” to the virus which was the study guide for the test.

We also organized group studies and used graphic pieces to promote the campaign inside the offices.

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