Osinergmin “Return of the Forces”

About This Project

The Client

Osinergmin is the Supervisor Organism of Investments in Energy and Mining in Peru, a public institution in charge of regulating and supervising that companies in the industries of electricity, hydrocarbons, and mining comply with legal regulations.

The Challenge

To  launch an internal communications campaign with the purpose of promoting the company values and improve the culture.

The Concept

The values in any company are The Force that drive employees to perform as good as they can. Therefore, we chose “The Return of the Forces” as our leading concept and theme for our campaign. The concept of “The Force” was changed into “The Forces” to refer to the values that were going to be advertised.

Digital invitations were sent, and I created a teaser poster to generate intrigue about the event.

  • Teaser Poster
    • Copy:The bright side of the forces are in danger.
      The power to return them to balance is in us and only together we can accomplish that.The Return of the Forces

The Event

We started by designing how the stage would like like and creating the following three dimensional views of the location.

Inspired by The Little Prince and Star Wars, I scripted and directed a sketch in which a young padawan, in search of the forces (values), visits 4 different planets. Each planet, representing a different value, teaches the young padawan an important lesson by requiring him to apply the assigned value.

At the end of the sketch, the padawan and his friends unveiled the vision and mission of the company with the help of 2 banners, each on one side of the stage.

At the end of the event, we invited all the employees to participate in a symbolic activity of commitment with the company values. We gave them a token in which they signed their names, and hanged on a ceiling mobile. This decorative item was installed in their offices as a reminder of their commitment.

Graphic Pieces

Part of the campaign was to create graphic pieces that would introduce the vision, mission and values of Osingerming to the employes. I led the development of the graphic mark below, which served as a starting point for the rest of the materials. The pieces created for this campaign were:


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